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 Since the age of seven, art has been the center piece and focal point of Qun Liu's creative life next to her family. From this early age she not only showed a strong interest in painting but was also interested in fashion & interior design. As a young middle school student she started her own fashion design business and rented a space in a small store until the age of eighteen. After she graduated from the University of China she was the design director for the urban design of sculptures for public facilities in Nanning China. Later she moved to Paris for two years to continue her studies and take additional course work in contemporary art and painting. Today, Qun Liu creates wearable fiber art in the form of clothing and head wear with a distinctive natural touch branded with Q Liu. 


100% Cotton

Natural Dye




314-954-8836 / qunliu6@gmail.com


Washington Ave. Saint Louis, MO 63130

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